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So, I'm overhauling a bathroom. I ripped out the tub and found this pipe sticking out and it's slightly past the wood frame so it's in the way. (I cut the wood frame to get the tub out in case you notice that in the pic). What is this pipe for? Can it be safely modified so it's behind the frame? Edit, sorry pics didn't upload. They should be viewable now. I have a movie clip of it too but can't post it here. It can be viewed at
Category: Plumber Post By: JILL WALSH (Grand Junction, CO), 04/16/2017

Thanks for commenting. These pics are on the opposite side of the room for the tub drain for this bathtub but it is a 2 floor building so possibly that is the drain for the upstairs unit. If so, I don't get why it needs that strange access section. I can post a pic of the drain tonight. (the compulsion to squash your animation bug is overwhelming, hehe)

- SAMANTHA VALDEZ (Glendale, CA), 09/07/2017

- JENNY NAVARRO (Washington, DC), 09/13/2017

I am guessing,,you are talking about the tub drain. if you would post a picture i could b sure

- GRACE GARZA (Lake Charles, LA), 10/14/2017

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