Forum Title: toilet vent-suction-gurgle issue
I have problem where flushing toilet 1 gurgles toilet 2. Toilet 1 and 2 are on different drain stacks entering into the crawlspace. Toilet 2 is Y'ed into the drain about 10 feet downstream of toilet 1. There is no vent between the crawlspace trap of toilet 2 and where it Y's in to the drain line downstream of toilet 1. I think I have a possible solution but want advice from those that know more than I do. (I am an avid DIYer but hopefully humble enough to know that I sometimes need help.) I am considering fixing this in the crawlspace as follows: Add a T a little after the toilet 2 trap, a 2nd T 10 feet after the Y, both face up, and connecting them. My hypothesis is that air can flow between the 2 points while the water is between them. This will take some work so I want comments before starting. Any chance this will work? Any other suggestions are most welcome.
Category: Plumber Post By: KATIE CONTRERAS (Oak Park, IL), 02/08/2016

I did say trap but that was a mistake. I should have said elbow in both cases in the original post. (should I edit the original post?)

- FELIX HIGGINS (Grand Rapids, MI), 09/25/2017

I can think of multiple issues that could cause this, I rarely see venting issues cause this, if it was installed Poe code and inspected that makes it even less likely it's a venting issue. Just curious did you say trap in the crawlspace under the toilet?

- BEVERLY DIAZ (Alameda, CA), 09/29/2017

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