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I'm retired. Live in Montana. It's 21 below zero rfn. We want to spend a month or two down South each winter. Perhaps near a South Texas barrier island. If out Triangle Tube Prestige boiler goes out it could be a disaster (hot water heat). The boiler did blow up a month ago. The plastic blades on an air circulation fan disintigrated. Cost $800 dollars to have it replaced. Our old Burnham boiler ran for 30 without a hitch. So. I bought a FreezeAlarm device that connects to a land line and rings my cell phone if the temperature drops or rises up too much. My plumber knows where a house key is hidden. What other alternatives are there? My heat system has glycol in the pipes so it won't freeze. I suppose I could drain the water pipes and put glycol in the sink and toilet traps. Turn off the well pump. My full basement has no floor drain because it's below the entry to the septic tank. Could I buy a pump to drain my water pipes? At the valve on the pressure tank at floor level? What would I get?
Category: Plumber Post By: ERICA LUCAS (Logan, UT), 02/11/2016

I am old school, I just set the T state at 40 degrees and go have fun

- ROSE REED (Knoxville, TN), 09/02/2017

You can also get a WiFi thermostat. It gives me piece of mind that I can see the temp inside my house from an app or my laptop. I can also change the temp if I want.

- TANYA PARK (Fishers, IN), 09/27/2017

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