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We've had single-digit temperatures here last night and that doesn't happen in my state very often. I just found a leak out in my garage and I can see that it's coming from the connections into the washer. It's a combo washer/dryer. I've added a photo of it. It's right by the water heater. I've put a cup underneath to catch the drips, but I'm wondering if the pipe is going to bust or ? Can anyone tell me what happens next? I'm thinking it's because the pipe is frozen? I don't know. It's Sunday and I don't even have a regular plumber. Does anyone know what the issue is? Will it just keep dripping so I have a little time to find someone or is it going to bust? I have to go to work tomorrow -- can I just leave the garage door open and have a plumber come fix it or is he going to need to come inside the house where I'll need to be here? Thanks in advance!
Category: Plumber Post By: BYRON DANIEL (Yucaipa, CA), 07/04/2016

Thank you, John. I'll try this right now. Update: I tried to tighten up the connections that go into the washing machine to make it stop leaking and now it's leaking more. I couldn't get the turn off valves to budge. I guess I'd have to turn off the all the water supply and move out the washing machine to get to them to blowdry it and try to get it to turn. This is a 1950's house and all the turn off valves are breaking down. The one behind the refrigerator won't work anymore. But why is it leaking more because I tighten the connector to the washing machine? Do you think something is frozen?

- GREGORY GREEN (San Bernardino, CA), 09/13/2017

turn the washer on fill hot...make hot water run threw the pipe. that will speed up the thaw

- BILL WALSH (Seattle, WA), 09/29/2017

Those hoses should be attached to two valves in a recessed washer box. Assuming the leak is at those hose connections as you believe, then you can turn those valves off in the washer box and isolate those hoses from your water system...then when it thaws, it won't flood your garage. If the valves are frozen and won't turn off, use a hair-dryer to thaw them enough so you can close them.

- BRENT CALDWELL (Mountain View, CA), 10/02/2017

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