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I am going to be building a new house and I will be doing the plumbing myself. I'm trying to come up with the best way to layout the drains/vents for the master bathroom and a half-bath that is next to the master bath. Below is a rough layout for the bathrooms. The red lines are 3" lines and the blue lines are 2" lines. Will this setup work and does it have the proper venting? Is there a better way to lay this out? Also, there is a vent in the wall near the half-bath lavatory, but for some reason the note didn't show up on the picture.
Category: Plumber Post By: BRENDA YOUNG (DeSoto, TX), 10/05/2016

I've updated the plumbing layout. The blue lines are 2 and the red lines are 3. Will this layout work? Can the shower connect to the 3 line upstream of the 2 connection to the lavatory wet vent?

- LEWIS DOUGLAS (Mission, TX), 09/03/2017

what state are you in ? what code are you under ?

- JANE BROOKS (Aurora, IL), 09/07/2017

Texas. IPC

- BETH CHAMBERS (Miami, FL), 10/06/2017

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