Forum Title: need help with laundry room sink
I have a water that comes out of the middle of the tap in my laundry room sink. the line runs into the floor where the main water comes into the house. There is a small amount of water that is constantly running from the tap to this line that leads into the floor where the main water comes into the house. This is my third house and i have never had this before. just wondering if this is necessary or if i can remove it?
Category: Plumber Post By: CRAIG MORALES (Mansfield, OH), 06/20/2017

sounds like it is being used as a trap primer trap primers keeep water in a ptrap that is in an area that does not receive water often. the trap water seal dries out and sewer smell wafts thru the house, making your spouse look at you funny thinking you have passed ah....lord, lawd lawd,,,do something about the dryer vent EXCESSIVE vent pipe on the floor it is trapping lent, it is a fire hazard

- LEON BOWMAN (Bolingbrook, IL), 09/15/2017

How much water should be running into the trap and does it need to be hot water?

- LOUISE HUGHES (Augusta, GA), 09/25/2017

not hw, that cost money to make it only needs to be about 1 cup of water in a 24 hour period. very little just make it drip 1 time every 5 minutes.

- RAFAEL SHELTON (Portland, OR), 10/10/2017

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