Forum Title: is an extremely slow drip on a frost free sillcock dangerous in freezing weather?
I have a woodford 14 outdoor faucet. The faucet was used yesterday for a septic clean out and, unfortunately, I now can't get the faucet to stop dripping. It is such a small drip that it is forming a thin icicle from the lip of the faucet. I doubt it is more than a cup or 2 a day. I have no separate water shut off to the outdoor faucets so draining the line isn't an option. I have new guts/an adjustable rod assembly from woodford I keep just in case. The problem is that the weather in Missouri US is supposed to be below freezing until the weekend. I am afraid to try to mess with it while the weather is so cold. I'm not even sure I could get the packing nut loose right now without tearing something up and am concerned that if I mess with it I will only make it worse. I have been googling trying to figure out how dangerous this is. Is there a good possibility that ice will build up and cause a burst faucet or pipe? Or does the fact that it is frost free and installed at the proper angle to drain mean that I don't really need to worry about it until the weather warms? Do I need to fix this immediately or can it wait until the weekend? We are supposed to have some mid teen nights before then. Or am I worrying more than I need to and can deal with it in warmer weather? Thank You for answering what you might consider a dumb question but I'm not sure what to do as I don't want to make things worse.
Category: Plumber Post By: SARAH GONZALEZ (Palm Springs, CA), 07/23/2016

Install an inside shut off!

- JULIO MCKINNEY (Cleveland, OH), 09/03/2017

Your faucet will burst and come warmer weather, spray water in to your home. Either cut in a new shut-off inside or fix the faucet now. The cold weather will not be a problem for the repair.

- NORMA ORTIZ (Iowa City, IA), 09/07/2017

Thank you for your reply and for reassuring me that the cold weather wouldn't interfere. I have just gone out and replaced the internals of the faucet. It wasn't pleasant in 15 degree temp but things went smoothly and, so far, everything seems to be working out. I'll be keeping a close eye on it for a while.

- SHAWN SULLIVAN (Worcester, MA), 09/24/2017

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