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I just bought a 2 year old condo which flushes hot (i mean really hot) water into the toilet. In that same bathroom there's a bathtub/shower with a single lever faucet which has hot/cold water reversed. The single lever faucet in the sink works as it should. I am not overly concerned with the bathtub faucet but the toilet is of concern. I dread to have this looked into in case the problem is caused by having the hot water pipe actually connected to the toilet instead of the cold one as this would mean tearing up walls. The condo has a recirculating water system that is used for both heating and personal. Is it possible that the issue is caused by the bathtub faucet cartridge being installed incorrectly? Is there any other potential explanation for the problem other than the hot/cold pipes being reversed? Many thanks to anyone who can help. Alie btw, i know the cost will likely be covered by the builder, my concern is the disruption that the repair will cause if the lines are in fact crossed.
Category: Plumber Post By: PENNY ACOSTA (Huntington, WV), 10/12/2016

Thank you IFIXH20. Yes, the issue is one toilet and shower. To clarify, are you saying the toilet line is definitely reversed or could the reversed cartridge cause hot water in the toilet? yes, the toilet is next to the vanity which does have cold and hot water pipes for the sink but those go inside the wall. The pipe supplying the toilet comes out of the wall a couple of feet away. In other words all the supply pipes are buried in the wall. Are you saying they can just run another pipe from under the sink outside the wall? I guess that would do it but it would be ugly

- ARMANDO ROBBINS (Moreno Valley, CA), 09/01/2017

Sounds like the toilet is on hot water. If the toilet is between the tub and vanity a stop (shutoff valve) can be install on the side of the vanity. Then use a long supply line to connect the toilet. I only say this because you do not want to open walls.

- VICKIE MARQUEZ (Oklahoma City, OK), 09/03/2017

If the reverse issue is one toilet & shower and not through out the entire unit. The toilet line is reversed, The tub line could be reversed or the valve cartridge is reversed. If the builder will take care of it just have them do it. If the toilet sets next to the vanity cap the toilet water line and branch off the cold line in the vanity to feed the toilet -- No wall access needed.

- NORMAN LAWRENCE (Apple Valley, CA), 09/18/2017

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