Forum Title: Help on Interconnecting water Tanks
Hi, I would like to check with the experts friends here if they have done anything similar to what i wish to achieve as below. I have 4 tanks in total each with capacity of each being 5000 liters. 2 tanks are interconnected to each other and are placed on a platform with height about 12ft lets call this Set 1, similarly another 2 tanks are placed at about a horizontal distance of 60 ft on a similar platform which is 12ft in height. Lets call this Set-2 The question is " Can i interconnect the Set-1 and Set-2 which are at 60ft horizontal distance from each other sitting on the same vertical height". what are the things to note and chances of equilibrium not working? Appreciate your help. Sudi
Category: Plumber Post By: CAROLYN RAMIREZ (Alexandria, LA), 05/12/2016

If you vent each tank, they will drain at the same time. along with ss Speedbump suggested a large enough pipe inbetween to keep up with the flow

- BOB CUMMINGS (Fort Lauderdale, FL), 09/11/2017

The water levels in both set one and set two will be equal. Unless you run such a small pipe between them that the draw from one set overcomes the small pipes ability to keep up.

- RON VAUGHN (Mount Vernon, NY), 09/27/2017

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