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Weird issue. I few months ago when I went to get water it just trickled out. Removed the water filter and put the bypass plug in and it did the same thing. Eventually the water came back out like normal. Recently it started up again. The ice maker runs normal. This is were the weird part is.....if I turn on my kitchen faucet and either leave it on or run it for 3-5 seconds and turn it off the water cones out normal from the fridge. Also if a toilet is flushed the water comes out normal. Tried doing a search and only found 2 other incidents others have had but no resolution was ever provided, One of them replaced everything there was on the fridge but he said it didn't resolve it. Not sure if it would be a water pressure issue because one would think that by running the sink it would drop the pressure even more. I have a GE Profile PFSS6PKWBSS Any thoughts?
Category: Plumber Post By: RONALD LOPEZ (Bedford, TX), 04/08/2016

Quote: Originally Posted by plumb_bob_square_pants How do you have the water line tapped? Supply box or saddle tap valve? Saddle tap valve off pipe in crawl space. Been working good for 8 years....till now.

- BOBBY HUGHES (Amarillo, TX), 09/04/2017

My guess is the tap is going bad. I never did like those valves. To many ways it can fail or foul. If you are able I would put in a dedicated valve in its place. I would feel pretty certain that this would solve your problem. Water connection boxes with a shock arresters are the best in my opinion if you are able to put one in but they are not necessary in all cases.

- LARRY PEREZ (Atlanta, GA), 09/04/2017

How do you have the water line tapped? Supply box or saddle tap valve?

- DARLENE REID (Lynwood, CA), 10/07/2017

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